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Ruzu Bitters is a 100% natural supplement DAT combines over 20 herbs with synergistic and complementary effects Of these herbs, 3 are the key active Ingredients which have been used for over 30years for different ailments These actives ingredients are as follows; UVARIA CHAMAE (Bush Banana) CURCULIGO PILOSA (Squirrel Groundnut) COLOCYTHIS CITRULLUS (Bitter Apple, Desert Gourd or Egusi) *UVARIA CHAMAE;* Its does the following and more; *Helps in treatment of fever *Has a wide spectrum of antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties *Eases severe abdominal pains *Treats Jaundice *Used to manage childbirth Pains *Blood Purification properties *Useful for gargle of soar throat *Useful for treating diarrhea and dysentery And so many more *CURCULIGO PULOSA* Does the following and more; *Treats gastrointestinal and heart diseases *Treats Leukemia, Gonorrhea and cough *Anti diabetic, anticancer,antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory activities *COLOCYTHIS CITRULLUS* Does the following and even more; *Pure purgative properties which helps to cure intestinal problems such as constipation *Stimulates the kidney and helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract *Helps in Purifying the blood *Powerful Laxative *Used to remedy blood disorder such as leukemia *Used to reduce rheumatism as well as arthritic band joint pains Ruzu bitters has no additives and no artificial preservatives. All the extractioj materials are natural including the preservative agents *HOW DOES RUZU WORKS;;* PEOPLE who do not currently av any major ailment as well as those who av health issues can take RUZU bitters. This is because the mechanism of RUZU at the cellular level seeks to create and maintain balance within the body's internal workings. Ruzu bitters helps ameliorate oxidative stress which has been in the etiology (the study of rue causes of diseases) of many diseases. *EFFECTS OF RUZU BITTERS ON OXIDATIVE STRESS;* This oxidative stress is what ruzu deals with at the cellular level. This means that RUZU goes for the jugular of most ailments. That's the reason why people give testimonies of relief or resolution of symptoms of conditions ranging from diabetes to infections to asthma, to kidney issues,to arthritis, to pains and so many more *SOME RUZU TESTIMONIES;;* ** Personally my sight has improved. I can do some readings now without glasses. I noticed this improvement soon after taking RUZU BITTERS (Shared by Toyin Otunola-Oke) ** I met a woman who said her husband was bed ridden (stroke) for close to a year now and they started Using RUZU Bitters. He's currently on the 3rd bottle now and he can fees himself and also go to the bathroom unaided. These he couldn't do before (shared by Macruka So many I couldn't share now but will be sharing from time to time RUZU BITTERS IS NAFDAC APPROVED IN NIGERIA; FDA APPROVED IN THE US, AND THE PROCEDURES FOR APPROVAL ARE ONGOING IN A NUMBER OF COUNTRIES AS WELL *NAFDAC REG NO; A7-1102L* *RUZU BITTERS DOSAGE AND PRECAUTIONS;* Adults: 2-4 TBS 1 or 2 times daily depending on body weight, medical conditions or as directed by ur physician Children: 6 years and above, 1tbs (5ml) once In 3 days or as directed by ur physician PRECAUTIONS Everyone taking Ruzu should take water immediately after taking RUZU bitters for better results For ulcer Patients, a glass of water should be taking before and immediately after taking RUZU bitters For Women with Infertility Issues, pls stop RUZU after Ovulation till the onset of the next menses Not to he taken by pregnant women and people suffering from Diarrhea Having the knowledge of the herbs that make up this product is good. However, attempting to try and use the products in isolation without the counsel is both unwise and risky ad some of them have maximum Consumable Doses Professionally,an accurate and effective combination of these herbs in the right proportions is what makes the final products effective and a winner in achieving total wellness naturally Contact Pamela +2348037686704 For more info or how to get urs today Also note that distributors are needed as well


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