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Contact us for your organic materials for home use, natural remedies, and diy organic formulation of body/hair creams, soap etc. We sell the following: Shea butter(Senegalese & local) Cocobutter Mango butter Lavender oil Teatree oil Sandalwood E oil Rosemary E.Oil Rose E.oil Lemon oil Sweet almond oil Argan oil Jojoba oil Carrot oil Cayenne pepper oil Black seed oil Grapeseed oil Rosehip oil Saffron oil Onion oil Ginger oil Neem oil Macadamia oil Coconut oil Palm kernel oil black castor oil Vit. A oil Vit. E oil Jasmine oil Funegreek powder Sandalwood powder Tumeric powder Neem powder Orange powder Flaxseed Rosemary leaves Epsom salts Hamalayan salt Black India salt Xanthan gum Guar gum Emulsifying wax Beeswax (palletal) Distilled water Rosewater Zinc acid Stearic acid Citric acid Glycolic acid Lactic acid Salicylic acid AHA Lye Potassium hydroxide Bentonite clay Aloe Vera Gel African black soap (Ghana) Black soap powder Glycerine Activated charcoal Germall plus- Phinoexthanol Sorbate Etc

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