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The Egyptians had a health secret. So did the Greeks, Indians, Chinese, Vikings and Romans. What was it? Garlic! That's right, scores of ancient cultures prized garlic and other allium vegetables as foods, spices and folk remedies. Modern researchers confirm that potent allium vegetables promote good health and natural remedy treatment to normalize blood pressure and cholesterol levels, strengthen immune system, healthy cellular growth and renewal, and more. Unfortunately, many people miss out on these important benefits because they avoid allium vegetables, due to their strong odour and disagreeable aftereffects. To get all the wellness garlic health benefits, minus the un-pleasantries, supplement with Garlic Allium Complex is the only product of its kind to combine bioactive phytonutrients from whole-food garlic, green onions, leeks, and chives in an effective and potent - yet non-offensive!. People don't eat enough garlic. Even if you're one of the few who eats a clove or more a day, you're only getting a fraction of its important compounds! An enzyme you need in abundance is allinase, which works in your intestines to create health promoting allicin. However, most of the allinase in fresh garlic is neutralized in your stomach long before it reaches your intestines. Knowing this, Scientific Advisory Board created Garlic Allium Complex with unique, Targeted Delivery Technology to shield allinase from stomach acid destruction. As tablets safely reach your intestines. ***Some Functions Of Garlic Allium Complex. *It strengthens immune system *It fights against infection. *Capable of destroying bacterial micro-organism. *It fight against fungi infection. *It treat heart burn, malaria & typhoid. *It an anti-inflammatory....reducing redness, swelling, and pain of tissue and combats arthritis.

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