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6 Zone Walk Through Metal Detector...477,000 Prevent Unwanted Metals, Use Hiphen Solutions Walkthrough Metal Detectors in Nigeria. *Its exterior is made of high strength synthetic materials. *It consists of 6 display areas with single or multiple areas showing the metal position. *The built-in high brightness diode indicator light can accurately indicate the alarm area. *The sensitivity of each area can be adjusted alone. The adjustable sensitivity range is 0-99. *The automatically winded emitting-receiving loop features accurate and firm design. Superior detecting capacity. *Automatic recording of alarming times and number of people passed. *8 doors can be put side by side at intervals of only 35 mm without mutual interference. *It has adopted advanced digital self-balancing technology to overcome omission and misinformation. *The separated power design can ensure normal operation under extremely unstable voltage conditions. *With fixer equipped at its bottom, it is water and damp proof. *It is harmless WE CAN INSTALL ANYWHERE IN NIGERIA OFFICES IN LAGOS, ABUJA, PORT HARCOURT AND BENIN CITY Please CALL: 0703-514-6988, 0807-779-7562, 0802-589-7223, 0818-116-0990 Email: Web:


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