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Mte solar hybrid air conditioner Keep the inside cool all day for next to nothing in energy costs. Preventing daytime heat build-up also cuts evening cooling costs. Mte solar hybrid air conditioner Keep the work area comfortable during business hours for pennies per day. Cool or heat up to 750 Sq. Ft. (69m ). Compatible with 50Hz and 60Hz power, use it anywhere in the world. Simple to install Solar AC/DC Hybrid Air Conditioner This unit installs exactly like a normal mini-split solar air conditioner.Standard MC4 solar connectors and cabling can be used to connect the solar panels directly to the A/C unit. Like all DC-Inverter air conditioners, the CT-ACDC (B) compressor runs on AC and DC power with the Intelligent Power Management technology. This system can also accept DC power directly from solar panels, without needing an inverter, controller, or batteries. The solar DC power directly replaces an equivalent amount of AC power from the power company and can cut daytime energy costs for air conditioning or heating by up to 80-90%. During the day, the CT-ACDC (B) can get most of it’s power from solar resulting in an efficiency above SEER 35 when using two >/= 230W solar panels. The unit can be connected with up to three 300W panels. The system is designed for hybrid operation with solar providing most of the energy needed during daylight hours. This air conditioner must be connected to a 220/240VAC power source and is designed for off-grid operation running on solar during the day and will automatically switch to the grid when there is not sufficient sun light.

Shobayo Saheed Ayoola

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